Privacy Policy

This privacy policy does not cover personal information that is collected during your use of Techmerge’s website. This information can be viewed here. If you would like to know how your personal information is used in the recruitment system you can view the recruitment privacy policy here. We encourage you to read the full Privacy Policy. However if you wish to use the content links below these will take you to different sections.

Information we collect

This section provides information about the services we provide to our customers. Our “Customers” are businesses that provide services directly to consumers, such as advertisers who sell products and services. We do not provide services directly to consumers. We work directly with customers or through an agent acting on behalf of a customer (such as a data or media buying agent). Our customers use our services to deliver effective and relevant advertising to consumers online and offline. We help advertisers understand the interests, preferences and needs of their current customers, as well as find potential new customers across all media channels. Our services provide clients with an organized and complete profile of their current and potential consumers, enabling them to show advertising to consumers most relevant to their needs.

Retention of personal information

Transaction and purchase data including product category (e.g., jewelry, clothing, pet, travel, sports) and purchase details (e.g., number of orders, amount spent, payment type, method of purchase). We do not collect bank details, credit card details or other financial account level details. We also use modeled transaction data about how likely or “interested” a consumer is to purchase a particular brand or product. Device and browser information, including browser type and version, browser language, operating system, and connection type (e.g., wired or Wi-Fi). Online activity information, including page URL (or range of page URLs), where a consumer was on a site/page before seeing an ad, date and time of online activity, frequency of visits to a site, number of times a site was used for search Words spoken, and interactions with an ad.

Directly from consumers, including consumers who have consented to participate in our surveys (or surveys administered by our third-party partners). And the use of cookies, pixels, or other similar online technologies on web and app properties by doing. We only collect sensitive data through consumer surveys where consumers have provided. The information voluntarily (or in the case of ethnicity data, based on demographic or geographic information).


This section describes the cookies we use when providing our services to customers, including interest-based or behavior-based advertising. These also include cookies that may be placed on your browser when you visit. Our clients’ web properties or web properties on which we serve our clients’ advertisements. For the cookies we use on our corporate website, please see our Cookies Policy. A cookie is a small alphanumeric text file that is stored in a browser by a website or a third-party ad server or other third-party. This file helps a website or third party recognize the browser and remember certain information about the user. Our cookies are persistent (meaning, they remain stored until they expire or are deleted/deleted by the user) and contain randomly generate unique information.

We also share information with third-party service providers. Who perform services and act on our and/or our customers’ behalf in the provision of the Services. Such as companies engaged in delivering advertising, including demand -Includes third-party platforms, ad networks, ad exchanges, and ad servers, as well as supply houses for offline marketing campaigns and providers who provide technology or customer support, operations, web or data hosting/storage, billing.

Security and data storage

Maintaining the confidentiality of consumers’ personal information is extremely important to us. Which means we pay special attention to the security measures. We put in place to protect this information from data breaches. We follow industry standards to protect against unauthorized access, retention and disclosure of information. It includes physical, electronic and managerial activities to protect the integrity, access and use of information.

When we need to transfer information to our customers or our service providers to locations other than where we store the data. Our engineering or support teams need to “view” (including remotely access) personal information outside. Its original location to build, maintain and/or monitor our systems and platforms. When we have a cross functional or cross agency team providing services that may be in different locations.

For complaint and update

We look after your online and offline data in different ways due to the type of services we provide to our customers. For more information about our services, please see the Privacy Policy section on our services. This consumer preference portal can be used to exercise your rights both offline and online. We will try to respond to your request as soon as possible. We follow industry standards to protect against unauthorized access, retention and disclosure of information. It includes physical, electronic and managerial activities to protect the integrity, access and use of information.